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Throughout history and across cultures, stories about heroes on quests, facing challenges, and achieving great things, have been told over and over. The American mythologist Joseph Campbell calls this foundational structure “the monomyth” in his book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

The hero archetype is one that is employed by many to describe their lives, and although I rarely considered myself a hero while working as an NP, I wondered if my experiences could be described as a monomyth. Using a simplified template of Campbell’s monomyth, here is my attempt to tell my heroic story.

My monomyth began with…

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With the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I cannot help but reflect on my experience as a woman in this country, especially on the time I was pregnant while working as an NP, and the period of motherhood that followed.

I became pregnant in October of 2014. My pregnancy began smoothly and I continued working full time as an NP and part-time as a nurse consultant. At 26 weeks, however, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I needed to walk for 15 minutes after lunch and check my blood sugars during work. It was tough to fit into my…

It was a Monday morning, and I walked into the dialysis clinic that day like it was any other Monday. With my white coat, my stethoscope, my checklist, and my pen in my pocket, I grabbed my rounding cart and set off to see my dialysis patients. Passing by the nurses’ station, I smiled and said “good morning,” as usual. As I walked toward the first patient’s dialysis chair, the lead nurse approached me and told me that Ms. E.B. had passed away the day before.

“What happened?” I asked in surprise.

“They just found her dead on her bed…

What my scar taught me.

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I have a seven-inch scar that runs the width of my pelvis. Seven inches is approximately the size of the larger smartphones on the market today. This scar sits at the center of my body and reminds me every morning I wake up, and every night I go to sleep of how my daughter was brought into this world. The nurse on shift that evening kept telling me ‘you’re not pushing correctly, I don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but you’re just not pushing right’. After 12 hours of back labor I spiked a fever and my baby’s heart rate…

joanne guerrero randolph

A mother, a nurse practitioner, a seeker. I write about the intersection of health, spirituality, feminism and motherhood.

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